A Bat

Ecrit par Jean-François Vincent, Ricker Winsor le 03 janvier 2015. dans La une, Ecrits

A Bat

In Bangladesh

He got in through the mesh.

It was a bat

A bat rolled up in a mat.

Was he dead or just in bed ?

Estivating or maybe meditating,


He looked mummified.

I had to clarify.

He was quiet ;

Too long on a diet.

No mosquito no fly

had passed by

while he took his rest

in that comfy nest.


I picked him up.

He felt cold.

He looked old.

I took him up on the roof

and, just for fun,

put him in the sun

to soak up the rays

of that equatorial day.


Slowly he woke.

I gave him a poke.

Crawling on little bat feet,

far up from the street

up there on the roof,

and then… poof


He was in the air

without a care,

Flying in circles around me,

flapping his wings mightily.

I was with him entirely.


Just a couple of feet off the ground

he flew round and round

round and round

with a flapping sound.


He got his bearing.

I was just staring.

He shot straight out.

I tried to shout,

“Hey, you were a wreck

And now you are just a speck!”


Ricker Winsor

Bali, Indonesia

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Jean-François Vincent

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Ricker Winsor

Ricker Winsor


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